Is This All There Is?

Written By: Kim - Oct• 18•11

Three days a week, I take the commuter train of the living dead. Let’s just say we are pulling away from home before 6 am. And, yes, there is one more train before ours that leaves my hometown a little after 5 am, but I rarely make that train. The last stop puts us at Washington, DC’s Union Station at 6:57 am. Most of us spend the last few minutes pulling in to the station gearing up for our day ahead. Or at least hoping the caffeine will kick in soon.

Today, one of my train buddies, who has a great personality and sense of humor was shaking his head and yawning. I asked him what was up. He pondered: “Some days, I wonder. Is this all there is?” I chuckled and told him that he was having a mini mid-life crisis. And, that most of us do not work because we want to, we work because we have to in order to enjoy things such as a home, vacations, college tuition, etc. As we went our separate ways, I thought about what he said.

Praiano, Almalfi Coast, Italy rainbow ©God. Photo ©Mike Howard.

We toil. We live. We survive. We love. We work. We learn. So what? Why are we doing this again? What drives us to enjoy life? I am not talking about simply going through the motions, but really living. Enjoying our family and friends; liking our career choices; finding our talent and passion outside of work. Making a difference somewhere to someone.

I don’t have the answer. I can just tell you to do something that makes you happy. If you hate your job and can’t leave, find an interest outside work. Discover one of your 10 talents. I have it on good authority from my Mom, who knew everything, that God gives us all 10 talents. It’s up to us to find them all. Volunteer — an organization somewhere needs someone just like you. Try a hobby. Hit the gym. Spend time with your friends. Start a book club, a poker night, bunco group or knitting club.

Do something to make yourself happy and discover there is more to life than we realize. Seize your day.

Dance Like No One Is Looking

Written By: Kim - Oct• 11•11

I went to Zumba class tonight. Tuesday nights host my favorite Zumba Instructor, Patty. I only miss the class if I am sick or out of town, she is that good. As we grooved to the music, I noticed that we all have varying degrees of skills. Some of the ladies really know how to move on the dance floor; some have average skills and some can’t shake their hips if their life depended upon it. There is a lot of hip shaking in Zumba.

©Ranier Topf courtesy of stock.xchng

But we all have one thing in common: We dance like no one is looking. We don’t care how good we are, we just move. It relieves stress. It helps get you and keep you in shape. It’s fun.

So whether you turn up your stereo, iPod or hit the town for a night with your honey, dance.

Dance like no one is looking.

Laugh like you don’t care who hears you.

Enjoy your life. God only gave you one.