Resting & Rummy

Written By: Kim - Aug• 18•11

After spending almost 10 days getting up and going, I needed a break. Apparently, the kids did not. So, Mike took them on a hike to the top of the hill where from where our apartment lives after our leisurely

The view from the mountain top above our villa. ©Mike Howard

breakfast. I had enough walking, stair climbing and uphill strolling, so stayed at the apartment and read. I finished one book and started another. It was a perfect way to spend a late morning alone.

After another traditional Italian lunch, we took a brief nap. We headed back to the first beach late in the day. There were more people there sunbathing and frolicking in the cold water. The kids met some other kids who spoke English and German.

It always amazes me that no matter what language barriers we face, activities bring us together. Children are especially adept at adapting.

Abby's Feast. ©Mike Howard

My 10-year-old daughter wanted to host the dinner meal, so she and my husband made dinner: caprese salad, salami and garlic-butter pasta. Her choices were a success. My son and I headed to the local grocery store, Tutt x Tutti and brought home some hazelnut and chocolate gelato. If you’ve ever eaten Nutella, you will understand why we swirled these two flavors together.

Always pack a deck of cards for vacation and road trips. I taught my kids how to play Gin Rummy on the deck at sunset. It was a good thing we did not keep score. After my hubby joined us and proceeded to win several hands, he revealed that he had played often with his family while growing up. Sandbagged.

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