More Serenity in Praiano

Written By: Kim - Aug• 23•11

After an early morning trip to the local grocer, I decided once again to stay around the apartment. The weather was overcast anyway. I read two books and played a lot of Scrabble on my iPad.

©Mike Howard

Mike took the kids, in the late afternoon, to LaPraia beach. This beach quickly became their favorite because many local children were there and interested in teaching our kids about cliff diving. Yes, I said cliff diving. They both partook eventually and enjoyed hanging out with the locals.

Since I did not want to forget any part of the trip, I typed iPad notes at the end of each day. While we were in Praiano, I did it from our balcony and generally in candlelight. Ok, it was really a bug repellent candle, but does that really matter? What inspiration, looking out on to the sea recapping our day.

I hear strains of “Strangers in the Night” playing. What a perfect, serene way to end another lovely day on the Almalfi Coast.

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