Surely You Can Spare $1 for a Veteran

Written By: Kim - May• 26•12

Today I was grocery shopping at my local store. As I exited, the ladies from the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars (VFW) were selling their “Buddy” Poppy. The simple selling point is: “Remember our veterans.” These flowers are assembled in VA hospitals by disabled and needy veterans according to the VFW’s website.

A new "Buddy" Poppy to add to my collection.

As I do whenever the Buddy Poppies are on sale, I donate and get one for my car or more if my children are with me. All three of their grandfathers, their father, aunts and uncles served in the US military. It is a gentle reminder for them and me that someone else sacrificed so that we may live in a free country. Someone else stepped up to serve to help those oppressed in other areas of the world. Someone else’s life was changed forever because of his or her selfless act. The least we can do is donate a couple of dollars.

How can someone say no to that? I understand turning down Girl Scout cookies, Boy Scout popcorn or softball team fundraising bake sales. These types of food are not for everyone. Imagine my surprise when a guy turned this down with a polite “no thank you.” It took all my adult patience not to march in to the store after him and speak to him. Who knows. Maybe he works for the VFW and has hundreds in his garage.

So, this weekend when you see someone selling the Buddy Poppy outside of your local stores, please stop and donate. Surely you can spare $1 for a veteran.

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