Dance Like No One Is Looking

Written By: Kim - Oct• 11•11

I went to Zumba class tonight. Tuesday nights host my favorite Zumba Instructor, Patty. I only miss the class if I am sick or out of town, she is that good. As we grooved to the music, I noticed that we all have varying degrees of skills. Some of the ladies really know how to move on the dance floor; some have average skills and some can’t shake their hips if their life depended upon it. There is a lot of hip shaking in Zumba.

©Ranier Topf courtesy of stock.xchng

But we all have one thing in common: We dance like no one is looking. We don’t care how good we are, we just move. It relieves stress. It helps get you and keep you in shape. It’s fun.

So whether you turn up your stereo, iPod or hit the town for a night with your honey, dance.

Dance like no one is looking.

Laugh like you don’t care who hears you.

Enjoy your life. God only gave you one.

Let the Fat Girl Stand by the Fan

Written By: Kim - Mar• 09•11

Most of you know one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to get healthier and back in to shape. I take Zumba classes three times a week; yoga three times a week and family boot camp once a week. For those of us who are mathematically challenged this equals seven days.

I am understanding the routines. Noticing familiar faces. Actually getting the names straight of my instructors. My efforts are working: I’ve lost six pounds, my recovery time after a workout is less than it used to be and I look a little leaner than before. Best of all: my clothes are fitting better.

The Zumba classes at my local gym are packed. My schedule dictates that I go to the last aerobics class of the night, which starts at 7:45 pm. I see the collective head shaking and the “I can’t go that late to the gym” look on your faces. But this works for me and I have been faithful for almost two and a half months.

© Christa Richert via Stock.xchng

The gym has set up six or seven fans in the aerobics room, which can comfortably fit 40+ people in a class. This class is not for the faint of heart: you will work out; you will sweat; you will move until you are almost exhausted. I generally get to class on time, which means I have the pick of where I stand in the room. I position myself by the fans. I drink a ton of water each day and I sweat. A lot. To top it off, I am experiencing signs of perimenopause. I am not one of those lovely ladies at the gym who look like they stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine. It’s not pretty, so I like to be by the fan.

Since opposites attract, the skinny girls always seem to gravitate toward me. Maybe it’s because I smile or maybe it’s because standing by me makes them look just a little thinner. Whatever the reason, when the fan goes on, they will eventually turn to me and say, “Do you mind if I turn this off?” or “Can I point this in another direction?”

Yes, I mind and hell no you can’t turn the fan in another direction. It takes a lot of effort to move this body and the sweating is not pretty.

Go stand somewhere else and let the fat girl stand by the fan. That’s why I am here.