Turning No into Yes

Written By: Kim - Apr• 11•11

I just spent three days at Digital Now in the most magical place on earth: Disney World. There is not a cast member there, whether on duty or not, who did not have a smile on their face or a quick hello for their guests. I have never experienced such fabulous, consistent, customer service.

I was lucky enough to attend a branding session given by a cast member of the famous Disney Institute. The speaker talked about how Disney used to say no to weddings. Then they noticed brides showing up in their dresses under overcoats, going with the bridal party to the spot where they wanted to get married, then quickly having the ceremony before security could come and ask them to stop.

The cast members started thinking about how they could manage and host weddings. Walt Disney World now hosts 1,500 weddings a year. In saying yes, they also built brand loyalty: providing a Disney fan the chance to get married in a place where they built memories as a child. The residual income from the wedding party, suggestions to other friends who love Disney and future trips with yet-to-be-born with children has created lifelong brand loyalty.

How are you saying yes to your members and customers to create lifelong brand loyalty?



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