When A Friend Knocks

Written By: Kim - Jan• 11•12

I have a confession to make. I sort of suck at being a good friend. Sure, I will chit chat with you when we run in to each other at the store or post something on your Facebook page. But, I am horrible at staying in touch. Simply picking up the phone is a monumental task.

It’s not that I don’t like you. But, I know that you, like me, have a busy life. Whether it’s working outside the home, volunteering, commuting or running your child to swim practice, you, like me, are on the go. I hate the thought of intruding on, what I know, is already a busy schedule. And, I figure if you really want to find out how I am doing, you will call. Well, that is a two-way street sister, which I realized after an honest and heated exchange with a friend of mine.

©Mike Howard 2011

If we haven’t spoken in a while, I feel awkward just “calling to say hi.” But, I realized that this is exactly what I should be doing. I wasn’t holding up my end of the relationship. I wasn’t really putting myself out there by reaching out to keep up.

So, my 2012 New Year’s Resolution is to try and be a better friend. I hope you won’t be alarmed if I just burst in on your day with a phone call. It’s just my way of keeping our friendship going.

So, if you don’t answer your phone, I will come knocking. I know where you live.

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