Alone in the Borghese Gallery

Written By: Kim - Aug• 07•11

On our last full day in Rome, I spent two hours in the morning at the Borghese Gallery. Alone.

The side view of the Borghese Gallery. ©Mike Howard

What a glorious way to start your day.

The museum houses several sculptures by Bernini. His sculptures are so realistic, you can see every fold, muscle tone, or toga fold. One of the sculptures, Apollo and Daphne, has such intricate details on the leaves between the two bodies, that I simply could not believe what a master talent this man had. Restorers say that when you touch the leaves, they ring like crystal.

The museum, which was once a villa owned by Cardinal Borghese, also houses other artist’s sculptures and paintings. Get the audio tour and go at your own pace. I learned two paintings I was looking at were actually made of miniature mosiacs. Once I moved closer, I could see the details. I would simply have thought they were two oil paintings and would have moved on to the next room.

The gift shop had your typical items, but I did purchase a set of cufflinks with bees on them, which were in the crest of the Borghese family. I also picked up a lovely silk scarf that I can’t wait to wear when the weather cools.

Italian divas Abby and Mom at the Borghese Gardens. ©Mike Howard

The museumn is located in what is Rome’s answer to New York City’s Central Park, but on a smaller scale. We rented bikes, dipped our feet in to the large swimming pool-like fountain and watched the kids spend an hour pedaling go carts. There are plenty of shaded areas for picnics as well.

We spent our last night in Rome at a resturaunt we discovered two blocks from our hotel consuming yet another plate of prosciutto and melon. We also said goodbye to our Italian gelato friends we made at their shop since we frequented them everyday.

We highly recommend the hazelnut and lemon creme gelatos. Excellent.

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