Women Who Drive the Family Car and the Men Who Love Them

Written By: Kim - Mar• 13•11

I grew up in a traditional household. My Dad worked two — sometimes three — jobs when necessary so that my Mom could be a homemaker. She detested the word housewife. I wonder what she would think about all these reality shows and how these housewives are about as far removed from being a housewife as the pope.

My Dad did all the family driving when we were together. Mom would help on long road trips so he could rest, but for the most part, Dad was the primary driver. Everywhere. We were also, as far back as I can remember, a two-car family. Mom drove around town running errands, picking up sick kids from school and dropping us off at sports or band practices. A second car was as much of a necessity then as it is now in the suburbs.

Mom with our workhorse van, a 1981 Dodge Ram.

I am old-fashioned girl in some respects. If you are in a traditional relationship, then the man should drive the family car. He’s the head of the household; king of his kingdom, driver of his chariot.

We are also Catholic. Our church’s families run the gamut from traditional to, well, about as cutting-edge as you can be and still be Catholic. So, why are these wives driving the family to church? Dad sits right up front being chauffeured by his wife. Honestly, they never look happy. But, who drives the family car definitely makes a statement. It’s clearly states, “I am in charge.”

These families are also showing their children that just because Mom works inside the home doesn’t mean she can’t be in charge. They are showing their children that both Dad and Mom can be in a leadership role. They are telling their children that it’s ok to share power. This is certainly positive re-enforcement that teaches children valuable lessons.

That said, I am still a traditional wife. My husband drives us everywhere. He is head of the household, king of his kingdom and driver of his chariot.

I however am the navigator and perfectly content to be the passenger.

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